Thursday, November 20, 2008

Twilight Lovers Unite!

So, if you've read my personal blog, you know that I am unashamedly addicted to Twilight. And of course, wouldn't miss the premiere midnight showing... thankfully I have lots of friends who are also addicted so I won't be braving the teenage-infested theatres on my own. :-)
So I want to know...
Have you given in to the Twilight Saga?
Do you love it as much as me?
Will I see your smiling faces tonight?
Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Just a few more hours ladies!!


Anonymous said...

I love it too! No midnight showing for me... hopefully tomorrow though! And Team Edward!

Andrea said...

Oh, so in love with this series, go Team Edward!

I have to wait until Sun night, but at least I'm seeing it in the theater!

Anonymous said...

Edward for Bella. Jacob for me :-)

TerrieBeth said...

Yes, I'm addicted to Twilight but I'm not as brave as you are to go at midnight! I'm going to go Saturday night, and I'll be avoiding both of your blogs until after I see it! ;-)

Becca said...

Hooray for Edward! I'll be watching the movie tomorrow and I'm anxious to see if this Pattinson character is going to be fine or a flop.
Can't wait!
Have you ever actually heard anyone who's read Twilight say they didn't like it?