Saturday, November 1, 2008

Products We Love And Hate: Baby/Kid Products #2

Submitted by: Angel M
My Top 4 Faves:

1. Kirkland Baby Wipes- They aren’t just for diaper changes. I keep a pack in the kitchen for cleaning hands and faces after meals, in the car for quick dusting while sitting in traffic and wiping up after ‘spill-proof’ sippee cups. You can’t beat the price for this Multi Purpose wipe.
2. Wipable changing pad- It’s so nice to have one in your diaper to ensure a clean surface to change your baby. You never know what was on that changing table last.
3. Bare Naked Boppy Pillow- I loved
the versatility of this pillow. I wish I had one for my first baby. It was great for breast feeding, helping a little one with tummy time, and a nice support for a little one learning to sit up on her own.
4. Car seat protector- These are a must have to protect your seats. The helps prevent the marking left from carseats and catch all the undescribable things that fall under them. They also keep the carseats in place and have easy access pockets for storing toys in the car.

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Mom Ditties said...

I love the car seat protector idea! Might have to try that. Thanks Angel!