Sunday, November 23, 2008

Need YOUR Ideas For Topics!

I was just getting ready to post a new poll for our next weekly topic, but couldn't decide what to do. So, I'm hoping you will leave me a comment and give me some ideas! What would you like to see as some topic options??
How often would you like to see a new topic?
How often do you check the Mom Ditties site?
Should I put a new post daily? Every other day?
Any suggestions to make this site better?
As always, you can leave your comments anonymously or under your blog ID.
Thanks everyone! :-)


Anonymous said...

How about doing a topic where we can submit questions for parenting advice? (i.e. potty training, etc). You could give your thoughts then everyone else can respond via a comment or something.
For the other stuff:
I like a new topic every week and daily posts. I check the site whenever there's something new to read!

Anonymous said...

Maybe something along the lines of an On-Line Book Club with a weekly discussion. You would let us know what book you're reading next or a book suggestion.
Or a Movie Review for old classics ie:Breakfast at Tiffany's, Harry and Sally, etc. This would be fun for those who haven't seen any of the classics.
My topic suggestion is 'Family Tradition' This is a great way to hear of some new ways to celebrate the holidays and adapt them to your own family.
I check the page several times a day for anything new. I do enjoy reading it but realize that it take your time to do posts, so whenever you can post is appreciated.
Thank you for doing this for all of us :-)

Mom Ditties said...

Those are great suggestions! Thank you!!