Saturday, November 22, 2008

Stupid Spam Folder...

So, just curious... why is it that my spam folder seems to catch more LEGIT emails than real spam? Urgh. I just happened to look in there today and found an email from a very sweet reader (Amanda B from Nampa) that was sent to me on Thursday with some ideas on our last topic about budget meals. Sorry Amanda, I loved your email and I'm so sorry it took so long to respond!
Anyway, I know the topic is over, but this is such a great idea and I had to share it. Oh, and BTW I love getting emails and new ideas so keep them coming. I promise to check the spam box more often!
Hi. I've been following your new blog and I love it! I'm a SAHM of an almost 1 year old little girl. I'm always looking for cheap/quick dinner ideas. Last year I was invited to cooking party. Everyone at the party chose and prepared a meal for each person. I left the party with 7 meals to stick in my freezer and use for a later date! Since then I've been addicted to "once a month cooking." I'll take 1 day out of the month - usually a Saturday or Sunday so my husband can take my daughter - and cook like crazy!! A few weeks ago I stored 30 some meals in my freezer. Last night I didn't feel like cooking so I took out a Shepards Pie out of the freezer and it was ready for us to eat at 6:30! :0) This saves me so much money and time! I've purchased 4 cookbooks from for cook and freeze meals, as not all food items will freeze very well. Thanks for taking the time to read my email!


Andrea said...

That's an awesome idea! Now I just have to find some freezer big enough!

Memory Moments said...

What a great idea! I would love if you would post the titles of your favorite freezer-meal books.