Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thank you Martha!

Submitted by: Marie M

I found these cute ideas from I love to wrap presents almost as much as I love to open them. Nothing says Christmas to me like matching presents under the tree.

This button-stamped gift wrap is fun to make. Affix button to a cork with double-sided tape. Place plain paper on a piece of felt or a folded piece of fabric (this cushions the paper so the mark will be even). Top with a pretty button tied on with baker's twine.

Recycle holiday cards as labels for presents. With a pencil, kids can draw (or stencil) the recipient's initial onto a card, and cut it out. Punch a hole in the letter, and tie to gift with yarn or ribbon.

Happy Wrapping!


Anonymous said...

Very cute! Buttons are a hot item this year and the local dollar stores have many coordinating bags of them in the scrapbooking section.

Andrea said...

Love the button stamping idea! If we didn't have such a huge stockpile of paper we would try this, but it will be in the back of my mind for the future.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious to know what she used for the stamping... almost looks like chalk! Very cute.

Andrea said...

There are ink pads out there now that dry to look a little chalky, so it could be that. Check out the scrapbook section of Michaels, they have them, as does JoAnn's.