Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Homemade Gifts: Treat Boxes

Submitted by: Andrea S
(Whom I consider to be THE Craft Queen!... I'm saving two more of her posts for the next couple days so be sure to check back. And don't forget to give her mad props (a.k.a. blog comments) for her awesome craftiness)
My favorite thing to do each year is to bake treats and pack them up in fun ways to give to family and friends. This year I'm making two kinds of cookies and putting them into these baker boxes. I bought these online, but they are availabe at craft stores.

  • Measure and cut a piece of printed scrapbook paper to cover the top, attached with photo squares in the corners.
  • Cut a ribbon and attached across the top, I used small glue dots
  • Tie a bow out of the same ribbon and attach.
  • Cut out a star, chalk around the edges and stamp/print/write Merry Christams in the middle.
  • For the star pattern you could use a cookie cutter, I used my Cricut cutter.
  • Attach the star with foam circles to pop it up.
  • I plan to use white cupcake liners to hold my cookies on the inside.
  • Along with this there is a loaf of poppy seed bread, wrapped in foil and pretty yarn, a container with dipped pretzels, and a rice mix that will placed in Christmas bags. You can search out all kinds of different rice, soup, cookie and treat mixes online.


Andersons said...

Mmmm...if I give you my address, will you bring me a treat box? Pretty please??

Anonymous said...

Uh yeah... me too! haha
Such a cute idea. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Andrea, do you use regular pretzels for dipping or the stick kind?

Andrea said...

You guys are funny! It would be scary the amount of cookies I would make if we were in Boise!.

For the pretzels, I'll use the small regular kind.